William And Kate Hit With Backlash For Seemingly Snubbing Meghan In Birthday Tribute to Harry

Prince William and Kate Middleton have found themselves in hot water this week for their birthday tribute to Prince Harry, with many royal fans accusing them of snubbing his wife Meghan Markle.

William and Kate took to Instagram on Monday to wish Harry a happy 36th birthday on Monday by posting a photo of the three of them competing in a race for the charity Heads Together, which they founded with one another.

“Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!” they wrote in the caption.

Fox News reported that some royal fans were immediately outraged that the three royals had chosen a photo that did not include Meghan, seeing this as a clear snub.

“Interesting photo selection! No Meghan…” one person commented, with another writing, “The shade of them using this pic rather than one including his wife.”

“There must have been hundreds of photos you could have picked, but you chose to post one of Harry, William and Kate,” a third person wrote. “I’m sure not including Meghan wasn’t unintentional. Not very classy…”

Others, however, took William and Kate’s side, with one internet user writing, that Harry “was visibly so much happier in these times” adding, “Such a shame he’s been so manipulated into sidelining his family and friends.”

“Back when relationships were intact aka pre-Meghan era,” another user wrote.

Still, other fans took the viewpoint that this wasn’t meant to be a snub at all.

“Most birthday posts here are of Kate, William and the birthday person, or even individual pics of the birthday person, even the Queens birthday pic didn’t include the Duke of Edinburgh: check out the others, Princess Anne, Prince George, Duke of Edinburgh, even Kate’s herself…..” one royal follower explained. “Nothing wrong with this, no hidden message, they just don’t include everyone in a birthday pic.”

Someone else took a similar viewpoint, writing, “What is wrong with everyone upset they didn’t include Meghan in the picture. 1) it’s Harry’s birthday. 2.) they posted a picture of Meghan alone on her birthday and no one asked where’s Harry….! People are always looking for something where there’s nothing. That’s his brother, 3.) and all things considered… i.e. the book… why are you surprised though?”

Rumors of an alleged royal feud between the two couples have been ongoing for quite some time, and they have only escalated since Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royal earlier this year before moving to the United States.


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