Tyra Banks Admits ‘I Have Serious Shoes To Fill’ After She’s Blasted For Replacing Tom Bergeron On ‘DWTS’

Yesterday, we reported that the supermodel Tyra Banks was widely panned by fans during the premiere of “Dancing With The Stars, with many of them urging the show to bring back Tom Bergeron in her place. Now, Banks is speaking out to admit that replacing Bergeron on the show may be more challenging than she thought it would be.

“I have serious shoes to fill,” says Banks of Bergeron. “I have respect for him. And when the network called me, I sat on it for a very long time, because I knew what Tom had done. The host is the ringmaster. And I thought, ‘Can I bring something fresh and exciting?’ I called my mama and she said, ‘You need to do this.’ So I’m going to bring what I bring!”

Banks, who has also signed on as an executive producer of the ABC reality television show, went on to talk about how she’s approaching making changes to the program.

Dancing with the Stars is one of the biggest shows on TV, with a huge audience, and I really respect that,” Banks said, according to Yahoo News. “I can’t come in with a battering ram and try to change everything. That would be a bad business decision and dumb leadership. So I’m not doing that.”

“I listened to research, I listened to the fans, I killed half of my ideas and then I doubled down on some of them,” she added. “We want to implement those ideas but still respect the show — and add a little pixie dust!”

Fans were stunned and shocked back in July, when Bergeron was abruptly fired after hosting “Dancing With The Stars” since it premiered back in 2005. His cohost Erin Andrews, who had been with the show since 2014 and was previously a contestant, was shown the door as well.

When the new season of the show premiered on Monday night, many fans took to social media to say that Banks was not nearly the caliber of host that Bergeron was.

“Can I just say, what the heck was ABC thinking replacing Tom Bergeron with Tyra Banks on DWTS,” one Twitter user commented, “His wit and quick comebacks made the show interesting.  It’s so boring now I can’t stay awake.  #DWTS.”

“#TyraBanks don’t quit your day job dear. Hosting DWTS is not your strength,” another user wrote, with a third fan adding, “I’m sorry but Tyra Banks is so freaking fake and annoying! why in the world would they replace Tom bergeron and Erin Andrews. She’s awful #DWTS.”


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