A wannabe cannibal from Texas has been sentenced to forty years in prison for plotting to rape, kill, and eat a 13 year-old girl.

The Sun reported that Alexander Barter, 23,  was sentenced to 480 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to attempted coercion and enticement of a minor and distribution of child pornography. After his time in prison, Barter also agreed to submit to a lifetime of supervised release.

Barter was arrested after sharing a post on the dark web expressing his interest in necrophilia and cannibalism in October of 2018.

“I’d like to try necrophilia and cannibalism, and see how it feels to take a life,” he wrote. “If you’d be willing to let me kill you, are in the US (preferably in the south) and can travel by car, contact me.”

An undercover sting was then set up, with a public safety officer responding pretending to be a father with a 13-year-old daughter who he was willing to sacrifice. Barter was enthusiastic in replying, asking how old the girl was before saying, “Can we kill her?”

Barter went on to hatch a plan to get the teenager to a hotel where he would kill her, have sex with her corpse and then eat her. He went so far as to give the officer instructions on how to get away with the crime, suggesting they buy a burner phone and new clothes to wear after the murder.

Barter was arrested on his way to a meet-up spot with the undercover officer, and at the time, he was carrying a bag with a knife, trash bag, cell phone and tablet in it.

US Attorney Stephen Cox called the case “chilling” and applauded law enforcement for apprehending Barter before anyone got hurt.

“As this chilling case demonstrates, online talk is not always just talk,” Cox said. “The constant vigilance of our law enforcement partners has prevented an evildoer from finding a likeminded accomplice and bringing his grisly plan to fruition.”

“This case is a sobering reminder of how the brave men and women of law enforcement face down the worst of the worst in the scariest of scenarios,” he added.

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