Earlier this month, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle signed a deal with Netflix that is said to be worth up to $150 million. Sources have since come forward to reveal that Harry’s older brother Prince William is “livid” over the deal because of the controversial way that “The Crown” is portraying their mother Princess Diana’s struggle with bulimia.

The U.K. Telegraph reported that the upcoming season of “The Crown,” which is set to come out in November, will be depicting a dark period for the British royal family. Not only will the show follow the separation of Prince Charles and Diana, it will also portray Diana’s struggle with an eating disorder.

“William and other senior royals are incredibly uncomfortable about this drama and livid Harry is now in partnership with the company that’s airing it,” a television insider said. “It’s the latest in a long line of flashpoints between the brothers, but there are few more sensitive subjects than the plight of their mother.”

“Viewers of The Crown — which is a candid look at the Queen’s reign — wouldn’t expect the writers to ignore something which is now a matter of public record,” the source added. “But the Royal Family also wouldn’t expect one of their own to take money made by the profits of shows like this.”

A spokesman for Left Bank Pictures, the makers of “The Crown,” defended the upcoming portrayal of Diana.

“Producers worked closely with the eating disorder charity, BEAT, to ensure that their portrayal of Princess Diana’s bulimia in Season Four was both ­accurate to the disorder and sensitively handled,” the spokesman said.

This comes after Harry and Meghan announced their deal with Netflix earlier in September.

“Our lives, both independent of each other, and as a couple have allowed us to understand the power of the human spirit: of courage, resilience, and the need for connection,” they said in a statement. “Through our work with diverse communities and their environments, to shining a light on people and causes around the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope.”

“As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us, as is powerful storytelling through a truthful and relatable lens,” the couple added.

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