Things just got a whole lot worse for Prince Andrew, as a bombshell new book has branded him as a “sex addict” and a “daring lover.” These claims were made by women who alleged that they were intimidate with the British royal after being introduced to him by the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Ian Halperin, an author who is set to release “Sex, Lies and Dirty Money by the World’s Powerful Elite” on Thursday, said he talked to at least a dozen women who allegedly had sex with Andrew.

“Most women painted Andrew as a perfect gent and said it was consensual,” Halperin said, according to Page Six. “One woman said he was a very daring lover: there were no limits to where he would go in bed … She told me, ‘Andrew rocked my world in the bedroom,’ but she felt disappointed because after that … she didn’t hear from him again.”

“One of Andrew’s ex-lovers said he had a sex addiction because he was always second to Prince Charles … He compared his relationship with his brother … to William and Harry,” he added. “William is looked at as royal material, just like Charles, whereas he and Harry were the bad boys … This led to his playboy lifestyle. He wasn’t getting attention; it made him feel special to get these beautiful women in his bed.”

This comes as Andrew has been denying claims made by Epstein’s former “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who said that the royal had sex with her when she was underage. While Halperin found no evidence of Andrew having sex with underage girls, he made sure to add that “there is no doubt that Epstein provided girls to Andrew, and that was the reason they were friends … He had an obsession with redheads, and Epstein would have his scouts combing the streets for the most beautiful redheads before they met.”

However, Halperin said that Andrew quickly began to fear Epstein, causing their friendship to go sour.

“Epstein got information on people and he’d use it against them … [When he and Andrew last] met in 2011, Andrew was on his hands and knees begging Epstein never to reveal anything about him,” the author said. “If Epstein had a prince on his knees, imagine the power he had over others.”