A police officer from Peoria, Arizona had no idea that cameras were rolling last week when she noticed a fallen American flag in the early hours of the morning. After seeing the fallen flag, the cop immediately took action, and what she did is having her be hailed as a hero by touched social media users everywhere.

Officer Montes, who is a military veteran, of the Peoria Police Department was out on patrol on September 9 when she came upon a wind-damaged American flag lying on the ground at 3:23 a.m. Without hesitating, Montes picked up the flag, rolled it around the attached pole, and left it on the doorstep so that the owner of the home where it had been displayed could find it in the morning.

Officer Montes had no idea at the time that the entire patriotic scene had been captured on a nearby Ring doorbell camera. The footage has since gone viral after being shared by the Peoria Police Department’s official Twitter account.

“While patrolling neighborhoods during the overnight hours, @PeoriaPoliceAZ Officer Montes, a #Military #Veteran, noticed an #AmericanFlag damaged from the wind,” the department tweeted alongside the video. “The resident posted the video to thank Officer Montes for taking care of it!”

FOX 10 Phoenix reported that the owner of the flag had thanked Officer Montes in a note sent to the police department.

“I don’t know who she was, but a Peoria PD Officer on watch came to my house at 3:23am this morning. I have her on Ring video,” the note read. “My American flag had apparently separated from it’s mount during the wind last night, she was vigilant and noticed, and she was gracious enough to roll it up and leave it by my garage door. If she’s reading this, thank you and much respect.”

In the controversial times that we live in, it often seems like the American flag is not given the respect that it deserves these days. It warms the heart to see a hard-working American police officer taking the time to show the proper respect for our flag, which so many have fought and died for.

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