An Oregon woman held a suspected arsonist at gunpoint after catching him on her property as wildfires continue to rage throughout her state.

The video opens with Kat Cast pulling over after seeing the unidentified man and telling him to get on the ground as she brandished a firearm.

“What are you doing on my property? Did you light anything on fire?” she asked him.

When the man responded by saying that he was “just passing through,” Cast fired back by asking why he had matches.

“I smoke,” he responded. When Cast asked to see his cigarettes, however, the man admitted that he had none.

Posted by Kat Cast on Saturday, September 12, 2020

This comes as intense wildfires are raging throughout Oregon and other parts of the west coast, with smoke getting to be so bad that it has reached parts of Europe.

“If I need to do this again to protect my family and my neighbors, I will in a heartbeat do it again, except this time I will not be as nice as I was,” wrote afterwards in a Facebook post that included a photo of the suspected arsonist being led away in handcuffs by police.

Cast added that she would not be commenting any further on this situation.

“I will not put my family in danger by exposing myself any more than what I have already,” she wrote.

Cast’s intensity in the video is understandable, given the reports of arsonists being responsible for the wildfires. Yahoo News reported that on Monday, a man was arrested for starting six fires along a freeway in Portland. Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, had been arrested and released 12 hours before that for using a Molotov Cocktail to start a brushfire.

After being released for that crime, Lopez started six more fires before he was arrested again. He has since been hit with seven counts of reckless burning and one count of second-degree disorderly conduct.

Lopez is one of five people to be arrested for arson across the west coast since the wildfires began. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that Cast did not hesitate to take action when she came across a stranger with matches on her property.

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