Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out this week to admit that even families who previously lived-in the White House have gotten sick of one another after months of quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Barack Obama is a wonderful man, but he is still a man,” Michelle said while appearing on Rachael Ray’s eponymous talk show. 

When asked if the former president and her two adult daughters Malia and Sasha have gotten on her nerves in quarantine, Michelle emphatically responded, “Yes, girl! Ah, my God. They can.”

“It’s really interesting, because sometimes Barack just comes into the room, and I’m in the middle of something, and he’s like, ‘What are you doing?’” Michelle said. “And I’m like, ‘Nothing. Nothing. Just please go.’ Sometimes you just don’t want to talk. You’re not ready for a check-in when they are,”

Michelle went on to say that quarantine amid COVID-19 started off well enough for her family.

“Quarantine started out so lovely,” Obama told Ray. “There was the first phase when we were all together, and we’d go apart, and then we’d come together. Then right around June, all that magic started wearing off.”

Like many of us, Michelle has also picked up a new hobby during her time at home in quarantine.

“I’ve started knitting,” the former First Lady said with a smile. “Over the course of this quarantine, I have knitted a blanket, like five scarves, three halter tops, a couple of hats for Barack, and I just finished my first pair of mittens for Malia. One is twice as big as the other.”

Michelle added that she’s even gone undercover online with her new hobby.

“They don’t know I’m in the knitting community because I don’t use my real name, but I have some knitting tutors who I kind of go through to get my yarn and my patterns and all that.”

We can only imagine how surprised the members of the knitting community would be to learn that they have a former First Lady in their midst!

Families all over the world have been on lockdown for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people will certainly be able to relate to what Michelle had to say here!

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