Last month, Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were sentenced to two months and five months respectively in prison for their roles in the college admissions scandal. Now, a source close to the family is saying that the couple’s two daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade, are having a difficult time coping with this.

“Olivia and Bella have been rattled by the proceedings,” the source told US Weekly. “They have been focusing more on family and not seeing friends as much. Both girls have been spending more time at home with their parents as of late.”

Loughlin and Giannulli plead guilty back in May to charges related to them allegedly paying $500,000 in bribe money to have their two daughters admitted to the University of Southern California as members of the crew team, even though neither girl had ever rowed before.

A judge sentenced Loughlin to two months in jail, a $150,000 fine and 150 hours of community service. Meanwhile, Giannulli was sentenced to five months in jail, a $250,000 fine and 250 hours of service.

During her sentencing hearing, Loughlin became emotional as she addressed the judge.

“I made an awful decision. I went along will the plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage in the college admissions process,” she said. “In doing so, ignored my intuition and allowed myself to be swayed from my moral compass. I thought I was acting out of love for my children, but in reality, I had only undermined and diminished my daughters’ abilities and accomplishments.”

“While I wish I could go back and do things differently, I can only take responsibility and move forward,” Loughlin added. “I have great faith in God and I believe in redemption and I will do everything in my power to redeem myself and use this experience as a catalyst to do good and give back for the rest of my life. Your honor, I am truly, profoundly and deeply sorry. I am ready to face the consequences and make amends.”

Loughlin and Giannulli have been ordered to report to prison on November 19. This came as bad news to them, as they had been hoping to serve their sentences at different times so that one parent could always be free to support their daughters.

“Lori and Moss don’t want to serve their prison sentences at the same time. Among the reasons, even though their daughters are adults, Lori wants one parent to be free to provide emotional support to the girls,” a source said back in May. “Lori’s concern all along has been Isabella and Olivia Jade.”

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