A married lawmaker from Argentina resigned this week after he was caught on camera kissing his girlfriend’s breast during a virtual session.

The New York Post reported that Juan Emilio Ameri, 47, left his fellow lawmakers speechless by sitting through parts of the on-camera congressional session being played on a giant screen in parliament with a woman on his lap. In a clip that has since gone viral, Ameri can be seen staring at the woman’s breasts before pulling down her top to expose them. He then kissed one of the breasts, much to the shock and horror of his fellow lawmakers.

House president Sergio Massa interrupted the session to report “a serious offense,” and Ameri was suspended immediately for 180 days. Massa later said that Ameri’s actions had “discredited the entire political class.”

The disgraced lawmaker from the northeastern province of Salta later broke down in an interview with Todo Noticias (TN) as he revealed that he had resigned.

“It was serious, really. I take responsibility. I’m very ashamed,” Ameri said.

He proceeded to say that he had thought he was off camera because his internet had gone down, and to admit that he could not keep his hands off his girlfriend because she had recently had a boob job.

“I saw that my partner came out of the bathroom and I asked how she was, due to the operation,” he said. “At that moment she sat with me and I kissed her on the breast without realizing that the connection had returned.”

“It was a moment of intimacy with my partner that leaked,” Ameri added as he broke into tears. “It was serious, really, I take charge and I am very ashamed. I am very distressed by what is happening.”

Local reports have claimed that Ameri was estranged from his wife, and the girlfriend has since been identified as Celeste Burgos, one of his advisers.

“I apologize to the citizens, to my family, to my partner, for all this situation,” the disgraced politician said. “I want to apologize to my mother, my sisters, my daughters, with whom I have not yet spoken.”

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