Keith Urban Reveals One Piece Of Advice That Has Gotten Him Through Quarantine

The country music star Keith Urban just spoke out to reveal the one piece of advice that a friend gave him that has gotten him through his coronavirus quarantine slump.

As Urban prepares to host the Academy of Country Music Awards on Wednesday, he talked to CBS News about the odd times that COVID-19 has thrust our country into. He added that quarantine has been especially difficult for him because he is used to traveling a lot as a musician.

“I confess that I was – I didn’t transition smoothly into this new way of doing things,” Urban explained. “I was gonna put my sweatpants on, sit on the couch, watch TV with the family and wait ‘til the whole thing blows over.”

However, it soon became clear that the pandemic would last for a long time, and Urban did not find himself well suited for quarantine. That’s when a friend of his gave him a single piece of advice that changed everything for him.

“I just didn’t do anything. Just did nothing for it seemed like eternity for me,” Urban said. “The turning point came, I have a friend of mine who I call sometimes for advice. And I was telling him what was going on. And I’m like, ‘I can’t do this and I can’t do that and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ And he said, ‘Keith, is there anything that you can do?’

“And within that call, I started to pivot,” he added. “And I know it sounds so cheesy, but really, that’s what it was. I pivoted over toward what I could do.”

Since then, Urban has been focused on putting the finishing touches on his latest album “The Speed of Now Part 1.”

“There’s a chunk of this record, probably a good third of it that wouldn’t have happened without what we went through,” Urban said. “I would say I had 70% of the record finished. So, some of these songs came because of the times, from the times, and were even created during that period as well.”

Thanks to his friend’s advice, the country singer is hopeful for both the future of his career and of music in general.

“I’m always hopeful,” Urban concluded. “We will learn so much from this moment, so much. And when this comes again – and there’s no doubt it will at some point – we’ll be way better prepared for it, and I think just have a new way of doing things.  We’re always gonna play somehow, some way. We’re gonna figure out a way to do it.”


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