Carole Baskin Reveals She Will Dance To ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ In First ‘DWTS’ Performance

Carole Baskin of “Tiger King” fame is preparing to make her debut as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday. In anticipation for this, Baskin has announced that her first dance on the show will fittingly be to the song “Eye of the Tiger.”

“I was just approved yesterday to release that we are doing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ so I’m very excited about that,” she told reporters, according to E! News.

Though Baskin has her song all picked out, her outfit is a different story.

“I’m actually sitting in my car outside of costuming right now. And I gave them the instructions that no fur, no feathers, no leather, and anything else,” she explained, going on to say that she doesn’t care how “wild” they go, she just wants to “have a blast.”

“I can’t wait to see what they come up with,” Baskin said.

She also said that she had been turning down tons of media opportunities since “Tiger King” premiered on Netflix earlier this year. However, it was her daughter who convinced her to say yes to “Dancing With The Stars.”

“‘Mom, you got to do this,'” Baskin recalled her daughter telling her. “And so I contacted them and I thought what they would do to pair me with a star because I have never seen this show and didn’t know how it worked.”

“So once I found out how it actually worked I was even more mortified, but I wanted to do it for my daughter because she does so much for me,” she added.

While Baskin is planning to have fun on the show, her ultimate goal is to put “cats in the spotlight.”

“That’s why I feel so much pressure to stay in this competition for as long as I possibly can,” she said. “Because every single week, I hope to be giving that message in front of people that these cats don’t belong in cages, and we have to save them in the wild before they disappear completely.”

Baskin then said that cats are giving her lots of inspiration on the dance floor.

“Leopards gives me the most inspiration because they manage to do everything by using the absolute least amount of energy necessary to achieve their goals,” she said. “When they kill an animal, they can pull an animal that’s something like 10 times their weight up into a tree. And that way, they don’t have to fight off lions and hyenas, so I really think the way the leopard moves is something I want to bring to the dance floor.”


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