Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are ‘No Longer’ In Family Therapy As ‘Tensions Have Escalated’

It has just been revealed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not undergoing family therapy anymore, as their relationship has gone off the rails once again amidst their contentious divorce.

“Tensions have escalated between Brad and Angelina, with family therapy no longer taking place,” a source told US Weekly.

Pitt and Jolie, who split in 2016, are still trying to work out a custody agreement for their six children.

“Brad wants 50/50 joint physical and legal custody of the kids. Angelina has been unagreeable to those terms,” the source explained. “[She] will only agree to talk about an agreement if the home base for the children isn’t Los Angeles. The younger kids are in school in Los Angeles, which Angelina has always been opposed to. They are very smart and are eager to attend school in person [amid the COVID-19 pandemic].”

Pitt was photographed leaving Jolie’s home back in June after spending hours with their children. The next month, an insider said, “Brad and Angelina have continued to navigate a path forward for their children. There has been progress.”

Last month, Jolie filed court documents calling for Judge John W. Ouderkirk to be dismissed from their case, claiming that he failed to disclose a working relationship with one of Pitt’s attorneys.

“All my client is asking for is a fair trial based on facts, with no special favors extended to either side,” said Jolie’s lawyer, Samantha Bley DeJean. “The only way litigants can trust the process is for everyone involved to ensure that there’s transparency and impartiality.”

Pitt’s legal team has fired back by arguing that Jolie was aware of the connections and “never objected” to Ouderkirk’s “continued involvement” until now. They accused the actress of making a “transparently tactical gambit” to delay proceedings and said ultimately it will hurt their children more than anyone.

“Unfortunately, the individuals hurt most by Jolie’s transparently tactical gambit are the parties’ own children, who continue to be deprived of a final resolution to these custody issues,” Pitt’s lawyers said.

Pitt and Jolie are the parents of six children: Maddox, 19; Pax, 16; Zahara, 15; Shiloh, 14; Knox, 12; and Vivienne, 12.


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