Prince Harry Is A ‘Shadow Of Himself’ Because Of Meghan Markle’s Influence, Expert Says

The royal expert Angela Levin just spoke out about the negative change that she’s noticed in Prince Harry since he married Meghan Markle, lamenting that they focus on the negatives in their lives far more than they do on the positives.

“Do you think Harry has changed since the individual you met when you met when you were researching your biography to the one we see now?” Royal Rota host Chris Ship asked Levin.

“Harry has changed enormously since I met him,” Levin replied, according to the U.K. Express. “I found that he was charismatic and had royal stardust about him. He was brilliant with people especially if they were physically, emotionally or psychologically damaged, he had a mischievous charm to him.”

When Ship argued that Harry still possessed these qualities, Levin disagreed, saying, “Well, he has become a bit of a shadow of himself.”

She went on to explain that the upcoming book “Finding Freedom” makes it clear just how long the list of grievances is that Harry and Meghan have been carrying with them.

“When you read the book you realize the pile of grievances Meghan and Harry hold,” Levin said. “This is going back a few years now, it is absolutely extraordinary. Most of these grievances are incredibly petty but when you add them up it is like a great big sandcastle. They ignore all of the wonderful things they have had, the prerogatives and chances to meet great people and do charity work they want to do. It seems to me they have focussed entirely on the negative.”

This comes after it was reported that the royal family is in panic mode over the release of “Finding Freedom,” which is due to come out on August 11.

“This book is coming out, it’s called ‘Finding Freedom,'” said royal expert Russell Myers. “It’s the unofficial biography of Harry and Meghan and royal aides are quite worried about what sort of light it’s going to paint Prince William in. He’s been called unsympathetic and unfeeling in the book. Royal aides have been meeting behind the scenes preparing for the worst.”

“Some say that it could be the Diana moment from the Panorama 1995 interview that we all remember when she spoke about the three people in the relationship,” Myers added. “The two authors behind this book have had unrivaled access to Harry and Meghan’s inner circle. They’ve interviewed over 100 people. It could be a very, very positive thing for Harry and Meghan but may paint other members of the Royal Family in a particularly bad light.”


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