Meghan Markle Found Life As A Royal To Be ‘Immensely Frustrating,’ Expert Says

Royal biographer Andrew Morton just spoke out in a new documentary about the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to say that he sympathizes with the American actress over the difficulties she faced in adjusting to live as a royal.

“I feel for this poor girl. I mean, she came into this country, parachuted in,” Morton said, according to the Daily Mail. “She’s marrying into a very difficult family, that everybody finds it difficult to come into. And she’s someone who didn’t know an awful lot about British history, British culture, and as she said herself, ‘She’s gonna hit the ground running.'”

“She hit the ground running, but she found she came up against a brick wall,” Morton added.

Morton went on to say that Meghan’s frustration as a working member of the royal family was likely largely due to the fact that she was unable to address rumors and gossip.

“She’s been frustrated by the fact that she’s not been able to give her side of the story,” Morton said. “All kinds of stories have come out about her, and she’s not been able to answer back, and it’s something she’s found immensely frustrating.”

He also said that the upcoming book “Finding Freedom,” which was written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, could be one way that Meghan is going to tell her side of the story. It was previously reported that the royal family is in panic mode over the release of this book.

“This book is coming out, it’s called ‘Finding Freedom,'” said royal expert Russell Myers. “It’s the unofficial biography of Harry and Meghan and royal aides are quite worried about what sort of light it’s going to paint Prince William in. He’s been called unsympathetic and unfeeling in the book. Royal aides have been meeting behind the scenes preparing for the worst.”

“Some say that it could be the Diana moment from the Panorama 1995 interview that we all remember when she spoke about the three people in the relationship,” Myers went on to add. “The two authors behind this book have had unrivaled access to Harry and Meghan’s inner circle. They’ve interviewed over 100 people. It could be a very, very positive thing for Harry and Meghan but may paint other members of the Royal Family in a particularly bad light.”


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