LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About How She ‘Struggled’ With Fame Before Reaching Her 30s – ‘I Was Labeled So Many Things’

The singer LeAnn Rimes has been a household name ever since she was a teenager. Now 37 years-old, she is opening up about how she “struggled” with being famous until just a few years ago.

Rimes was only 13 when she became the youngest Best New Artist winner in Grammy history. Just four years later, at 17 years of age, she starred in the risque movie “Coyote Ugly” in a role that involved her wearing revealing outfits and dancing on bar tops.

“There would be so many problems with this movie now,” Rimes told Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume, although she added that the role allowed her to break “out of [the child-star image] for the first time.”

In this same interview, she admitted that she struggled with being in the public eye from such a young age.

“For me especially, there was this very wholesome little girl, this all-American girl, and then I went through a lawsuit with my father at 16 and my record label, and that was like a three-and-a-half-year ordeal,” Rimes said. “Then I was the ‘spoiled brat’ — I mean, I was labeled so many things. When I think about it now, it’s just so crazy how instantly as a society, the expectations we place upon someone.”

“We expect them to be more than human, even as a child,” she added. “And then especially expect them not to grow. It was definitely the big challenge for me personally, to try to grow out of that mold. It’s taken years, and it’s taken a lot of destruction on my part, whether that be conscious or unconscious. I think there was a lot of it that was unconscious, like, ‘I’m going to set fire to this as much as I can, so I can rebuild for the place that I want to rebuild from.'”

Rimes went on to say that it wasn’t until she reached 30 that she really became comfortable with who she was.

“I think that was a lot of my struggle, up until probably like age 30,” she explained. “I think 30 was finally when I was like, ‘OK, I’m settling into myself and I’m doing it for me, and I’m not trying to fit this mold for this person and that mold for that person to make everybody happy.’ When you start at 11, your whole life is based around trying to please people. And so I think 30 was the first time I stopped. There [are] still certain places in my life where I see myself still doing that. I’m very aware of it now, so I catch myself and come back to what’s true for me.”

Rimes added that her sense of self changed when she turned 30, and that it was her “biggest decade of growth.”

“I think you really just start to step into your womanhood in a lot of ways at 30. I think there is a decision of like, ‘Am I going to continue to do what everybody wants me to do? Or am I going to claim who I am?'” she said.

The singer said that it was then that she “checked myself into a treatment center” for anxiety and depression.

“I had always had people around me…I was so intertwined and meshed with so many people, and I just knew if I didn’t start to untangle that web, that this was going to be a really rocky decade,” Rimes concluded. “There’s nothing like taking your power back at what feels like the bottom.”


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