Meghan Markle Terrified Her Son Archie Will Have No Social Skills Because He Never Interacts With Other Kids

Meghan Markle is reportedly fearful that her 1 year-old son Archie will grow up to have no social skills because he never has the chance to interact with other toddlers.

Meghan reportedly feels that she can do very little about this, as she is too famous to join “Mommy and Me” classes to give him a chance to socialize with other kids.

“Meghan said Archie needs to learn emotional and social skills by being around other young children, something he can’t do with adults,” a close friend of hers told Daily Mail.

“Meghan said ideally they (she and Archie) would be in a baby group class that met in person a couple of times a week. This would give Archie the opportunity to play with other toddlers and help develop his brain.”

Though Meghan would love to join “Mommy and Me” classes, she feels that doing so would be “impossible.”

“Meghan said she would love to be part of a ‘Mommy and Me’ community, but knows this is impossible even if there was no COVID-19 because of who she is,” the friend explained. “She said she’s just too well known to do normal things.”

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have been quarantining amidst the coronavirus pandemic in the $18 million Beverly Hills mansion of Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry while they search for a home of their own in the Los Angeles area.

“Meghan does take advantage of connecting with others online and on Zoom, but says it’s just not the same as in person,” the friend added.

“Plus the consistency of biweekly ‘Mommy and Me’ classes would be good for Archie and a place where she could just be a mom and make new lifelong friends.”

Though Harry and Meghan have been laying low since making their move to California, they have resurfaced at times to make video messages for various causes.

However, Meghan has also found herself embroiled in drama at times, as she recently had to distance herself from her former best friend Jessica Mulroney after the Canadian stylist was embroiled in a white privilege scandal.

“Meghan is absolutely mortified that she’s been dragged into this complete mess. She said Jessica is in no way a racist, but the way she handled the situation (with the fashion influencer) was tone-deaf and heartbreaking,” the close friend of Meghan’s said at the time.

“Meghan said friends reflect friends and because of what’s at stake she can no longer be associated with Jessica, at least not in public,” the friend added.

“She has to do what she has to do in order to preserve her dignity and her own reputation.”


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