It’s been eighteen years since Carol Burnett’s daughter Carrie Hamilton tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 38, but the legendary comedian still remembers her every day.

In a new interview, the 87 year-old Burnett opened up about how Hamilton discovered how important it is for someone to value their own life.

“My daughter Carrie got into drugs,” Burnett explained, according to People magazine. “In that situation, don’t be their best friend. When we got her into a third rehab, oh, she hated my guts! You have to love them enough to let them hate you.”

She added that Hamilton “got sober before her 18th birthday, and we had a good 20 years.”

From there, Hamilton followed in her mother’s footsteps and became an actress, appearing in the 1980s television show “Fame.” Her last acting role came in 2000, when she portrayed the character Jill Arnold in “The Pretender.” Sadly, Hamilton died two years later in 2002 after a battle with cancer.

“We were joined at the hip for a while there,” Burnett admitted. “… In the hospital, she said, ‘Every day I wake up and decide today I’m going to love my life.’ And that was her mantra.”

Back in 2018, Burnett said that she thought of Hamilton “every day.”

“You don’t get over it, but you cope,” Burnett said at the time. “What else can you do? When Carrie died, I didn’t want to get out of bed for a while, but I had a play to finish that we started that Hal Prince was going to direct. I owed it to Carrie, and I owed it to Hal.”

Despite being in her late 80s, Burnett is still as busy as ever with her acting career. She is next set to appear in the Netflix drama “All Together Now,” which is scheduled to be available for streaming on August 28.

Back in April, Burnett also opened up about what the hardest part of being in quarantine has been for her amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“Not being able to socialize and see my family, that’s tough, but we keep in touch. I talk to my sister and my kids almost every day and everybody’s doing as well as can be expected,” she told the Hollywood Reporter . “I miss seeing friends and I miss going out to dinner or whatever but that’s a small price to pay. And I’ve always been grateful but I’m even more grateful now.”

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