Supermodel and actress Brooke Shields has been known for decades for her enviable figure.

This week, however, she’s opening up to her fans about the “daily struggle” she faces in maintaining her physique amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News reported that Shields, 55, said that while she may be famous for her body, she still has to work hard to maintain it.

“I was never skinny. I was never considered the skinny one … I’ve got man hands, and man hands are great. I have a very strong bone structure and I’m a strong person,” she explained, adding that she never felt “waif” thin like other models in the ’80s and ’90s.

“Strength became my go-to,” Shields continued.

“I have to work really hard to be fit … I’m not a naturally ectomorphic person. I have to really work my a– off but I’m stronger and healthier and now I don’t feel like I have to hide as much.”

Runner’s World defines the ectomorphic body type as “most resistant to weight gain because of a fast metabolism.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Shields has regularly been taking to social media to show off her fitness routines to her fans.

“Summer’s coming up. I kind of want to be able to wear a bathing suit  … So the ego piece is real and sometimes it’s enough,” Shields said.

“The wanting to eat and wanting to drink is very real as well. So I try to negotiate because I don’t want to stop any of the things that I really like to do.”

Though she admits to being desperate to maintain her body in quarantine, Shields also said that this difficult time has taught her about the importance of patience.

“Give yourself permission to feel…and hopefully we can get through [this] and come out better human beings,” she advised her fans.

Shields concluded by discussing how she is careful about the way she talks about health and fitness around her daughters Rowan, 16, and Grier, 13.

“I have two very very different daughters [with] very different body types, and you have to be really careful how you talk to them,” she said. “Everything is taken differently and it’s taken to heart.”