A royal commentator is speaking out this week to say that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s dream of starting a new life in Los Angeles, California has turned into a nightmare for them in recent weeks.

The U.K. Express reported that Meghan had planned to relaunch her acting career, and the couple together planned to make money through spreading engagements and brand deals.

However, Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers said that all of these plans are “up in the air” at the moment.

“All their plans are simply up in the air at the moment,” he said.

“They had huge plans once they settled in Los Angeles… to set up their own foundation and now obviously these plans are in tatters. They had plans to launch themselves into the corporate world, into the very, very lucrative world of public speaking, where they could potentially net millions and millions of pounds for a single gig.”

Myers went on to suggest that Meghan and Harry were only considered celebrities because of their status as royals.

“Their celebrity culture is their Royal Family and that’s kind of how [Americans] see Harry and Meghan,” he said. 

“It remains to be seen how successful they will be.”

Myers then pointed out that while L.A. is Meghan’s hometown, it is a ”foreign world” for Harry, who he said “would be leaning on” his wife’s success.

“It’s been discussed about how many times can Harry wheel out this story of his own mental hardship?” Myers continued.

“His mother dying very young has had a profound effect on him and he is able to speak from the heart on certain issues, but once you’ve done that… how many more times can you do it? I’m not sure how many strings he has to his bow.”

As for Meghan, Myers said that she is “very adaptable.”

“She’s a successful actress, she’s had success speaking with the UN, speaking on a wide range of charitable endeavors,” he said.

“They could be a tour de force as a collective, but Harry really needs to find his feet.”

Harry and Meghan have spent the last few weeks living in the $18 million Beverly Hills mansion of Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry while they look for a home of their own in the area.

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