Kelly Clarkson Thanks Estranged Husband as She Wins Emmy After Filing for Divorce

Clarkson then went on to thank Blackstock in a follow up tweet...

On Friday night, the singer Kelly Clarkson won a Daytime Emmy for her work on her talk show. Afterwards, she shocked her fans by thanking her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock, who she filed for divorce from earlier this month.

Daily Mail reported that Clarkson explained that it was Blackstock who “convinced” her to take the show in the first place.

“OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What is happening?!!!! This is amazing!!! Thank y’all so much!!! And a MAJOR thank you to my entire crew that really is the reason I won!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with our whole crew when humans can congregate again!! This calls for a PARTY!!!!” she tweeted. “I could never have achieved this without my#hometeam so THANK YOU for taking such great care of my babies when I can’t.”

Clarkson then went on to thank Blackstock in a follow up tweet.

“Thank you so much to @BBlackstock for believing in me & convincing me to do @KellyClarksonTV show and @lifeofT for being the greatest friend/assistant,” the 38 year-old singer wrote.

This comes weeks after Clarkson filed for divorce, with sources saying that the couple had a difficult time quarantining together in Montana.

“Things had changed in their marriage and the split was a while coming. They both work so hard. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy each other, especially with the children needing constant attention,” a source told People. “Kelly’s been through a lot, and she thought Brandon was her happily ever after. It’s very sad.”

“Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and had been making an effort to work things out,” another source close to Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight. “They both hoped quarantining away from LA in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead the change in environment was actually detrimental.

“The constant time together seemed to make an already challenging situation worse,” the insider added.

Earlier this week, Clarkson opened up about her own mental health struggles, telling her fellow singer Demi Lovato that she suffers from depression.

“I have similar issues, and I suffer from depression,” Clarkson said. “I think a lot of people, especially in the creative world, or just from childhood, you’ve been kind of trained to, like, just keep going and you can handle it.”

“Especially as a woman, it’s like, ‘Don’t let ’em see you sweat,'” she continued. “I just love that you’re open about that because not everybody is as vulnerable at being like that and I think it’s helpful for your fans because I know for a meet and greet, you probably get people saying that ‘I do too.'”


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