‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Reveals Why He Just Broke Quarantine for the ‘First Time in Months’

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame just took to Instagram to reveal why he broke quarantine for the “first time in months” this week.

Fox News reported that Phil, 74, posted a photo of himself at the dentist’s office on Thursday. in the photo’s caption, the Robertson family patriarch indicated that this was the first time he’d ventured out in months after being quarantined amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Well, that’s one way to end the quarantine,” he captioned the photo of himself in a dentist’s chair. “First trip to town in months …”

This comes after it was revealed that Phil’s newly discovered daughter Phylis is preparing to move next-door to him in West Monroe, Louisiana to make up for all the lost time.

“We just had an instant connection and we were thrilled that she found us and we found her,” Phil’s oldest son Al said.

Phil cheated on his wife Kay with Phylis’ mom during a dark time in his life. It was when Phylis’ mother was pregnant with her in 1975 that Phil found God and turned his life around forever.

“The same year that she was born, he was reborn, in the sense that he became a different person, which Phyllis says gives her a lot of peace of mind even now, knowing that he changed,” Al explained to Fox News.

Al added that while he realizes some will be critical of the story, he doubts these haters are aware of his family’s history.

“A few people said, ‘This guy is a hypocrite,’ or ‘I knew that they were too good to be true,’ but they didn’t really read the story or listen to the podcast because they would have known that this was dad’s previous life and he has said for 45 years that he was not a good person during this period of time,” he continued.

Al went on to say that everything that has happened has encouraged him to reflect on his family’s past.

“I realized that my parents were really going through a terrible time in their marriage,” he said, “Our family was just totally a mess. Dad was off and we didn’t really see him much. But Mom, she wasn’t drinking and drugging and living this lifestyle, so she remembered a lot more about details, about the situation.”


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