Chris Pratt Jokes About Why His Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger Was Single When He Met Her

Hollywood star Chris Pratt of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame just celebrated his one year anniversary with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. To mark the occasion, the 41 year-old star revealed his humorous theory as to why his 30 year-old wife was single when they met.

Pratt told his fellow actor Rob Lowe on his podcast that when he first started dating Schwarzenegger, she was “laughing so much.”

“I was like, ‘God, I’m really killing it,’” Pratt said. “Then she was really laughing. I was like, ‘Uh oh, oh no. Does she have an issue? She’s got a thing going on. This is why she’s single.’ I thought she was like the Joker.”

The Jurassic World star went on to joke that “she doesn’t have that issue” after all.

“She just thought I was funny and it was really nice,” he explained. “For me, it really works because I’m always trying to make people laugh and so, she likes to laugh, I make her laugh, it’s a good fit.”

Schwarzenegger is currently pregnant with her and Pratt’s first child together, as he is already dad to a 7 year-old son with his ex-wife, “Mom” actress Anna Faris. Last week, Schwarzenegger opened up about how Pratt has been “very understanding” during these unprecedented times.

“I’m really lucky to be living in very close proximity to my family, which has been very helpful,” she said, going on to add that Pratt has been “a very wonderful husband.”

“It’s been amazing having him home and also very understanding about my need to sanitize everything, having everyone wear masks all the time,” she continued. “That’s been helpful.”

Pratt had joked to Extra last month that he’s “gained a little weight” since he began social distancing with his pregnant wife.

“Pickles and ice cream. I never thought I would like ‘em so much,” he said at the time.

“Can I be honest with you?” Pratt added. “I found myself complaining the other day about a little bit of low back and hip pain and how I’ve gained a little weight in quarantine… and she just looked at me sweetly. I was like, ‘Oh, right, right, I don’t really get to complain about that to you right now, do I?’”


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