Chilling Video Shows Huge Great White Shark Swimming Near Six Oblivious Surfers

The footage was captured in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, where the shark swam undetected for a full 25 seconds ...

A chilling video is going viral this week showing the moment a great white shark was spotted swimming near six surfers who were oblivious to the creature’s presence as they waited to catch a wave.

The footage was captured in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, where the shark swam undetected for a full 25 seconds, getting closer and closer to the surfers. It’s only when a kayaker finally sees the shark’s fin that the group realizes that their lives are in danger.

The kayaker immediately screams out to warn his friend, whose legs are just a few feet from the shark. In a desperate attempt to save his friend’s life, the kayaker pushed his vessel forward, distracting the shark long enough for his friend to escape.

The shark finally broke away from the surfers, allowing them all time to safely get back to shore.

The footage was shot by nature enthusiast Zachary from Cape Town, who had been on the beach with his father using their drone when they spotted the harrowing scene.

“We normally fly the drone to capture nature and I saw the shark and followed it and when I saw how close it had got the surfers I told my dad to go get them out of the water,” Zachary said afterwards, according to The Sun.Β “He was on his way to get them out but by then the shark was moving quite fast and the shark had actually gone underneath their boards.”

National Sea Rescue Institute press spokesman Craig Lambinon has since said that they are urging all surfers, paddle boarders and swimmers to be on the alert for great white sharks.

β€œThose using the water around the Southern and Eastern Cape need to be cautious due to a high number of great white shark sightings and close encounters at present,” he said.Β β€œThe increase of sharks at this time of the year is part of the normal aggregation of these animals that take advantage of natural prey like seals and fish coming close inshore at this time.”

β€œA large amount of shark sightings and some encounters have been reported close inshore along the Plettenberg Bay coastline over the past few weeks and on Sunday and with this sighting,” Lambinon added.

Sarah Waries of City of Cape Town Shark Spotters program also spoke out to address the footage.

“The behaviour seen in this drone footage shows the shark is aware of the surfers and the great white is investigating the surfers,” she said. β€œIt is important for people to remember that great white sharks are naturally inquisitive Apex predators and that although shark bites are rare, water users must understand the inherent risk associated with sharing the ocean with these animals and change their behavior accordingly to avoid encountering sharks.”


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