Country music star Carrie Underwood is known for being one of the most positive, upbeat singers in the industry. Now, however, fans are getting to see a whole new side of her, as she is opening up about the most difficult times in her life like never before.

Underwood has previously been open about the fact that she suffered three painful miscarriages before having her second son Jacob in January of 2019. In the latest episode of the web series “Mike and Carrie: God & Country,” which she is appearing in with her husband Mike Fisher, Underwood revealed more about what this experience was like for her. Underwood even admitted that the miscarriages soon made her question her relationship with God.

“It sounds wrong when you say it, but, it’s one of those ‘bad things that happen to other people,’ you know what I mean?” Underwood said as she became visibly emotional. “It’s not something that you ever envision yourself having to deal with.”

She went on to say that she had a deeply personal conversation with God in which she asked him why he was doing this to her family.

“I had an honest conversation with God, and I told Him how I felt. I was hurt. I was a little angry and, of course, you feel guilty for being mad at your creator,” the Grammy-winner confessed. “And I told him we needed something. We needed to have a baby or not, ever, because I couldn’t keep going down that road anymore.”

Fisher, a former professional hockey player, also discussed what the miscarriages were like for him.

“I was frustrated,” he said. “What’s the future look like, we don’t know. Are we going to adopt, are we going to… going through things in your mind.”

It was only when Fisher also had a conversation with God himself that he came to the realization that they would have a second child.

“I was just wrestling and probably the most honest I’d been with God. And I heard, not audibly, but I sensed that God told me that we were going to have a son, and his name’s Jacob,” he revealed.

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In the end, it all worked out with Underwood and Fisher, as they are loving life with Jacob and their 5-year-old son Isaiah Michael. Check out new episodes of their web series every Wednesday on I Am Second

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