Toddler Hands Dad MBA Diploma During Front Lawn Graduation Ceremony

Students all over the world are missing out on the opportunity to walk for graduation because of the coronavirus.

Young or old it still stings — unless you have a wife and community to help you out.

One New Orleans man who just finished his MBA at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio and with the help of his wife, 3-year-old son and neighborhood friends he got a front yard graduation ceremony.

Sean Cosgrove earned his MBA from the school’s Lindner College of Business last month, giving his wife Kassie the idea to throw a surprise ceremony to honor the achievement.

Kassie told Good Morning America, “He’s used to me surprising him. I’m a big believer in that fun stuff.”

With the help of their son Nolan, Kassie made a DIY diploma and presented the “degree” during the ceremony — Sean even got a handshake when he crossed the lawn.

Neighbors sat in their yards and in the street and cheered for Sean as he made his way outside and across the yard.

How special is this!?


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