Police Say Georgia Doctor Found Dead in Ditch Was Likely Killed by Pack of Dogs

“She was that kind of person. She was a caring person. She was a friend of ours ... "

Police are now saying that a doctor who was found dead on the side of the road in Georgia last Thursday was killed by a pack of dogs.

WTOC reported that Dr. Nancy Shaw, 62, was found dead at around 3am Thursday in a ditch on the side of the road in Lyons, about 80 miles west of Savannah. Police officers found her body after seeing her vehicle pulled over on the wrong side of the road with the engine running and a door open.

“Got out of the patrol car to investigate and found a female that was deceased in the ditch,” said Lyons Police Chief Wesley Walker.

The officers immediately recognized Dr. Shaw, a long-time internist at Meadows Regional Medical Center, because she would often stop by the police station just to make sure everyone working there was alright.

“She was that kind of person. She was a caring person. She was a friend of ours. When I realized who it was, it was devastating,” Walker said.

An autopsy confirmed that Shaw had been killed in an animal attack, and the dogs suspected in the incident have been seized. No charges have been filed against the animals’ owner at the time of this writing.

“Dr. Shaw was a friend to the City, Lyons Police department and Lyons Animal shelter,” the police department said in a press release on Tuesday. “The Lyons Police Department assisted by the Lyons Animal Control Division, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Lyons Public Works Department actively searched for the dogs responsible for the incident.”

“The Lyons Animal Control Division encourages Citizens to abide by the cities’ leash law and keep your pets under the level of control required by law,” the release added.

A graduate of Brown University School of Medicine, Shaw had completed her residency in internal medicine at Saint Raphael Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut, according to Fox News. She moved to Georgia after completing her residency, and had been a resident there ever since. In addition, Dr. Shaw was a member of the American Medical Association.

Out thoughts and prayers are with Shaw’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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