Pamela Anderson Reveals What Really Happened to Her Legendary Red Swimsuit From ‘Baywatch’

One of the most iconic images of the 1990s has to be Pamela Anderson in her red swimsuit on the hit show “Baywatch.”

Anderson became a household name when she portrayed C.J. Parker on “Baywatch” as she strutted her stuff in her red bathing suit in every episode. Now, the 52 year-old star has revealed where the legendary swimsuit is today, and what she had to say is leaving fans everywhere stunned.

Anderson told Fox News that not only does she still own the bathing suit, she can still fit in it too!

“Oh, I have one right here in my top drawer! It still fits,” Anderson said.

“I have worn it on occasion just to be funny with my friends,” she continued, adding that her friends know that she often hops out of her pool or shower with the skin-tight number on “to try to give them mouth to mouth!”

“Mostly,” though, Anderson explained, she can be seen at home in the one-piece “just around the living room.”

Though it’s been many years since “Baywatch” went off the air, Anderson is still known as an international sex symbol, and she gets questions about how to be sexually confidant from fans to this day. The actress says that being vulnerable in a sexy outfit or posing for a risqué photo is as simple as just “being you.”

“I was painfully, painfully shy but you probably won’t believe it,” Anderson said. “But I got over it. I really hated that feeling. I realized that nobody cares as much about what you’re wearing or what you look like other than you. Nobody cares as much as you do. You’re your own worst critic. You always feel good if you just do it, just do something you really want to do. Afterward, you’re so glad you did that. I always say paint your own picture and what you want your life to look like and who you want to be because society tells us we have to be a certain way and we really don’t have to be. There’s really no rules.”

These days, Anderson is staying busy as the Creative Director at Jasmin, a new webcamming website whose slogan is “Real people. Real connections.” The platform allows Anderson to connect with fans from all over the world who want her advice on romance, sex positivity and relationships.

“50 million people a day go to this site so I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about anything people feel passionate about from activism, to health and beauty and romance and dating and just anything you can think of,” Anderson said of the site. “They’re definitely pioneers and paving new ground and we’ll see where it goes. It’s fun.”


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