New ‘Strawberry Challenge’ Has TikTok Users Extracting Tiny Bugs From Fruit With Saltwater

The trend apparently to started last week, after users identifying as shaynes_world and babyadrianne claimed the method resulted in bugs emerging from her strawberries following a salty soak.


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Other users began following their lead, tagging their efforts with #StrawberriesWithBugs, or #StrawberryChallenge. Many produced similar results, with one woman even declaring she found “worms” in her batch.
Some berries are cleaner than others, though, because some users didn’t have bugs in their fruit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the above TikTok users weren’t telling the truth.
According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) some insect larvae and drosophila flies are considered “unavoidable defects” in certain fruits and vegetable products, though not superficially in strawberries. The FDA has said, however, that these common bugs or bug larvae found in such produce present no health hazards, if consumed.


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