Lady Gaga Opens up About the Impact Being Bullied as a Child Had on Her – ‘It Stays With You Your Whole Life’

Lady Gaga concluded that being bullied taught her how important it is to respect others

In a new interview after the release of her sixth album Chromatica, Lady Gaga is opening up about the lasting effects of being bullied as a child, saying that the feelings it causes “stay with you your whole life.”

“I remember things that bullies said in front of other people and nobody said anything,” said the 34 year-old singer, according to Daily Mail. “Nobody said, ”Are you OK? Are you fine?’ In fact, if I was to speak up about a bully being mean to me, it would be making it worse for me at school.”

Lady Gaga concluded that being bullied taught her how important it is to respect others.

“Being bullied has taught me the importance of kindness because it is something that can be fixed,” she said.

This comes months after Lady Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta opened up about how bullying impacted her daughter.

“I knew some of it, but there’s some of it that she didn’t share because she was either embarrassed or afraid to tell me, and that was a little hard to hear,” Germanotta said.

She went on to say that things only got worse as Lady Gaga got older.

“In middle school, because she was unique, she started experiencing a lot of struggles,” her mother said. “You know, feeling isolated from events, humiliated, taunted. And that’s when she developed depression.”

Germanotta went on to add that she regrets not recognizing the signs of what her child was going through at the time.

“We tried our best as parents to help her, but [we] didn’t know everything,” she said. “I felt where I made mistakes was I didn’t really know the warning signs to look for.”

It was only later in life when Germanotta began meeting her daughter’s fans that she realized just how many people were dealing with this.

“As her career took off and we were traveling the world and talking to young people, we realised how many other young people had similar experiences,” she explained.

Lady Gaga has previously open about the fact that she also suffers from PTSD, which she says stems from a sexual assault that occurred when she was 19.

“It is a daily effort for me, even during this album cycle, to regulate my nervous system so that I don’t panic over circumstances that to many would seem like normal life situations,” she recently said.


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