Customer at Denver Barbershop Leaves $2,500 Tip for Stylist, $3,300 More for Staff

Generosity still exists and this story proves it!

While a lot of the country is still closed due to the Coronavirus, there are certain people who are back in business and making up for lost paychecks.

A guy walked into a barbershop in Denver recently and left a $2,500 tip for his $27 haircut and then another $3,300 for the other employees at the shop.

Ilisia Novotny, the stylist who gave the man his haircut, told The Denver Post she wasn’t even planning on working that day, but picked up a shift at the shop – Floyd’s 99 Barbershop at the University of Denver – on the first day it was allowed to reopen. The anonymous customer came in at the end of her shift, just before 1 p.m.

Novotny finished giving him his haircut, and her client got up to pay at the front desk — but on his way out he turned around and assured her “it’s not a mistake,” she told the Denver Post.

At the time she was a little confused, but she later found out he was referring to the $2,500 tip he left.

Her co-workers were also given generous tips, including $1,000 for the general manager, $500 for the receptionist, and another $1,800 to be divided among the 18 barbers and stylists working at the location.

“To have someone hand me $2,500, and then come back to give out such generous tips to all my colleagues really just left me speechless,” said Novotny in a statement shared with Fox News. “After not being able to work for the last few months I can’t even tell you how much this means to us all.”

Even the employers at Floyd’s were taken back by the stranger’s generosity, referring to it as a “great story” on Facebook, and praising the “astounding” support their shop has seen since reopening.

What a generous, feel good story.

Keep up the acts of kindness everyone!


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