Few things are more delicious than McDonald’s French fries. That’s why it’s so great that a video is going viral this week showing a chef reveal a simple hack that will allow you to make your very own McDonald’s French fries at home!

Daily Mail reported that Rob Nixon of Perth, Australia is the host of the internet cooking show “Nicko’s Kitchen,” in which he makes homemade versions of iconic fast food dishes. In a recent video, he taught his followers how to make McDonald’s French fries at home, letting them know that the secret is frying them twice.

The first step is to take the potatoes and cut them into thin strips using either a mandolin with a chip slicer on the end or a sharp knife. Next, fill a large bowl with water and submerge the fries in them for around ten minutes to get rid of any excess starch.

Once the ten minutes have gone by, move the fries into a bowl of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of corn syrup. Mix everything up until the syrup dissolves, then leave the mixture to sit for another ten minutes as the syrup inserts some sweetness into the fries.

Put the fries on a towel and leave them to dry in the fridge for thirty minutes. As you’re waiting for the thirty minutes to end, heat up a generous amount of canola oil in a saucepan until it is sizzling hot, then fry chips twice in two batches for four minutes each.

“The second fry is worth it for that authentic flavor and golden color,” Nixon explained.

Once this is done, sprinkle a teaspoon of salt on top and be sure to serve them while they are still hot. If you follow all these steps, you’ll be stunned at how much they taste like McDonald’s French fries!

Nixon’s initial video on the sweet mega-viral, being viewed over thirteen million times. It seems that one thing all of us in the world can agree on is that we love McDonald’s fries, and that we are desperate to make them ourselves at home!

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