Angry Mob Assails Woman Who Didn’t Wear a Mask in a Supermarket: ‘Get the F*** out of Here!’

Many social media users have taken the woman's side, arguing that this nonsense has gone way too far.

A disturbing video is going viral this week showing the moment an angry mob descended upon a woman who was not wearing a mask at a New York grocery store, eventually throwing her out of the business.

The 20-second-long video shows the crowd screaming profanities at the unmasked woman in a store on Staten Island. The group of furious people got bigger and bigger as the woman tried to navigate her way around the store. The infuriated customers screamed things like “Get the f*** out of here!” and “diry a** pig” as they pointed to the exit, insisting that the woman leave.

The woman, who didn’t seem to have much to say in response to the attacks, initially tried to continue walking around the store before she finally gave up and left. Video of the incident has quickly gone viral, with the person who shared it captioning it, “Staten Islanders with masks drive out non-mask wearing person in grocery store. #Coronavirus.” We must warn you that there is some graphic language in the video below:

This comes one month after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) ordered the people of New York to cover their faces when out in public, according to The Blaze. Many social media users have taken the woman’s side, arguing that this nonsense has gone way too far.

“We are headed towards Nazi, Germany! I just went shopping at pavilions without a mask. I’m over this BS!” one woman commented, with another adding, “Arrest them. How fast people become savages. Those masks they are wearing are doing nothing to protect them but they’ve drank the Kool-Aid. On Fauci as well. They are worthless!”

“I am an American. I’m not forced to wear ANYTHING. UNDERSTAND?” a third user wrote. Others, however, claimed that the woman deserved to be attacked. “The reality is, we should ALL wear a mask inside common spaces. NOT because the owners or the government are forcing us to, but because we need to protect each other,” someone commented. “The slower this virus spreads the better the ultimate outcome will be for everyone.”


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