‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown and His Four Wives Reveal What Life Is Like for Them in Quarantine

The TLC reality show stars tell their fans what they've been doing to keep busy amidst the pandemic ...

The stars of the TLC reality show “Sister Wives” are speaking out this week to reveal what life is like for them in quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Kody Brown and his wives Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle told Us Weekly that life has changed just as dramatically for them in the past few weeks as it has for every other American.

“Normal life has ceased for me, my wives and our family,” Kody said. “We’re all working from home, however, some of us are not able to do necessary travel for work, and some of our entire industries are shut down. Two of my wives run an online business so they are still working remotely but they aren’t able to do some of the in-person tasks they normally do. Overall there have been some setbacks and some things have slowed down significantly.”

Kody and his wives have a combined 18 children, nine of whom are 18 or younger.

“We’re still in contact and talking a lot, but because nothing is going on in our lives, life has gotten a bit boring,” he explained. “There’s not much to discuss other than checking in on the kids, who are doing school from home. There’s no new news within our family but obviously we’re keeping updated about the news of the world. Instead of talking about the weather we’re talking about coronavirus.

“The discussions have shifted to obsession!” he confessed. “We’ve been asking each other, ‘Do you have any friends or know anybody who has it?’ Other than that, there’s not much else to talk about.”

Christine chimed in to say that she has been coming up with activities to keep her family busy while they socially distance.

“We’ve been doing embroidery, cross-stitching and crocheting,” she said. “I’m teaching the girls how to do more handiwork. Kody crafting? Not yet, I can’t imagine him holding a glue gun. We’ve been making our own products with raw ingredients, we’ve been really trying not to go to the store, so I even made my own face moisturizer.”

Janelle said that life in quarantine has been hard since the entire family can’t be together.

“I really think it would have been easier to deal with being quarantined if we were all under one roof because we’re having to be so separate,” she said. “We have to limit family gatherings, and if we were together, our exposure would be one less person going to the grocery store instead of doing it for separate households. There would be more camaraderie.”

“Since we’re staying so distant from each other we need to make phone calls and find other ways to stay in touch as much as possible, like video chat or sending care packages,” Robyn added. “That’s one of the things I’m noticing. I’m talking to my family more because I have the time and because we’re all worried now.”

As for Meri, she’s just happy that her job allows her to work from home.

“My typical schedule involves a lot of travel and I always feel blessed when I get to be at home more than a little bit of time,” she said. “Luckily, I’m able to work from home so this doesn’t feel out of the norm for me, at this point. I’ve limited where I go and my daily errand running. I’m not seeing much of the rest of the family because we’re all quarantining, so it’s a little weird that we can’t get together but we know it’s best to stay in our own individual homes.”

This serves as a reminder that we are all going through the same thing right now. Even though you may feel lonely at times in self isolation, remember that we are all in this together, and that we will get through this pandemic.


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