Puppies Rule the Trending Toilet Paper Challenge During Covid-19 Social Distancing

This may or may not make you feel better about having toilet paper ...

A lot of us have gone to the store to find that there is no toilet paper… we might be the people who actually really need it and then there are those people who just stocked up on it because the world is supposedly ending and that’s what they decided to get in excess amount.

What is everyone doing with all of that extra toilet paper that they’ve stocked up on?

It seems there’s a new trend on Instagram involving stacking up toilet paper and having dogs hurdle over it.

One Instagram account in particular, @3bulldogges, took on the trending #toiletpaperchallenge and we’re not going to lie… some dogs have impressed us with their skill, even if they have owners who are flaunting the fact that they were the people who bought all of the toilet paper. It’s not their fault.


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