After hosting “The Price Is Right” for thirteen years, Drew Carey had thought that he had seen it all, but something happened on the show this week that showed him things can still happen on-air that leave even him shocked.

As a contestant named Paris made his way to the spinning wheel on the long-running game show during Monday’s episode, Carey gave him the chance to give the usual shoutout to his friends and family. After listing out some friends, Paris decided to go big or go home by using his 15 minutes of fame to try and win back his ex-girlfriend.

“And hi to my ex-girlfriend, I still love you and… uh, let’s give it another shot! Woo!” Paris said.

Carey was visibly impressed by the move, especially when Paris spun the wheel and ended up with a total of 90 cents out of a possible $1.

“She’s got to love you now, you just spun a 90 on the wheel,” Carey exclaimed. “You’re a dope to dump this guy, he just spun a 90 on the Wheel!”

The clip quickly went viral, and support for Paris started pouring in on social media. He ended up responding to many of the messages himself, and revealing that the risky move had unfortunately not paid off.

“Thanks. She’s doesn’t want to see me but I think it’s just cuzza the rona. Will keep you posted,” he wrote in response to one tweet, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, in another tweet, he had some less than flattering words for his ex.

“Yeah and Im pretty sure she still loves me She’s still reliant on Me,” he wrote. “She just called twice last week for toilet paper so who wears the pants now. But I mostly wear pjs in quarantine actually.”

Nobody can say that Paris does not have some serious guts! He knew that it’s not every day that you get access to the kind of audience that “The Price Is Right” offers, so if he was ever going to shoot his shot with his ex again, that was the best time to do so.

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