Some of us get excited to win our 10 bucks back on a scratch off and just accept the fact that we have a better chance at getting struck by lightening than hitting the Powerball.

Well most of us, anyway — but, not “Joe B!”

One Colorado man hit the jackpot not just once, but twice after playing the same numbers for 30 years!

Colorado Lottery officials confirmed Joe in fact won two $1 million Powerball jackpots on March 25 and officially claimed his winning this week. The winning Powerball tickets were sold on Lake Avenue in Pueblo at two different stores, which were a mile apart. “Joe” had apparently bought a ticket in the morning, and one in the evening.

This is totally nuts and such an awesome story especially while we’re all stuck at home.

Communications director Meghan Dougherty stated the Colorado Lottery received approval to process winning tickets worth $10,000 or more at a touch-free, drive-thru claims office amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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