Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shocked fans with his candor on Saturday, when he took to Instagram to give some very honest answers to questions from his followers.

Johnson, 47, posted an eight minute-long video to Instagram yesterday in which he discussed how coronavirus is affecting his marriage to Lauren Hashian.

“I have found that the quarantine has had a very positive effect on my relationship and my marriage,” the former wrestler said. “Certainly my relationship with my daughters, who are two… but it’s also had a really positive effect on my relationship with my wife.”

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Johnson went on to add that he and Hashian “get snippy with each other” and “argue,” calling himself “wobbly at times” during the early days of quarantine.

“There’s a lot of s–t we’re all thinking about. Husbands, wives, we’re all thinking about it, so it’s a lot of pressure,” he continued. “I found myself consistently apologizing to Lauren about every other day, ‘Hey I’m sorry, this is not my best week.'”

The Ballers star explained that through all of these difficult times, they “try to stay aware as a husband and wife” that their current situation means a lot of pressure for them.

“We try to go easy on each other, we try to make things light, not too judge-y and she’s the best,” Johnson said.

Johnson recalled a recent spat that he got into with his wife, saying that they soon made up.

“We laughed so f–king hard… and immediately it just broke that tension, that silly tension,” he said. “We got right back into ‘Oh my God, what are we even arguing about?’ It was nothing, it was so stupid.”

He admitted that he and Hashian are “going through the dumb s–it, too,” and try to avoid arguments getting too “heavy to sludgy.” Johnson concluded by stressing the importance of communication between partners.

“We went through that yesterday, and then last night, we poured ourselves a couple of glasses of [tequila], we had a nice little toast to gratitude,” Johnson said. “And then we started practicing making babies again… Showed her why they call me ‘The Rock.'”

It doesn’t get much more honest than that! It’s exactly this open, down-to-earth attitude that made so many fans fall in love with The Rock in the first place. Good for him for being so open about having the same struggles in quarantine as the rest of us!

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