Brad Pitt Struggles to Hold Back Tears as He Surprises His Longtime Makeup Artist With a Home Makeover

Clearly, he doesn't just play heroes onscreen, as he's a hero in real life as well!

Brad Pitt may be known for starring in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, but last night, he showed off his softer side by surprising his longtime makeup artist with the gift of a lifetime on the new hit HGTV show “Celebrity IOU.”

Fox News reported that the new television show, which features “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, gives celebrities the chance to give home renovations to people who have had positive impacts on them. Monday night’s episode showed Pitt giving his longtime makeup artist and dear friend Jean Black a makeover to her detached garage she has behind her home in Santa Monica, California.

“Jean’s a dear old friend. There’s people in your life that fate brings together,” Pitt explained, saying he has known Black for 29 years. “She’s family. We’re like brother and sister. We bicker, we fight. She’s just one of those nucleuses we all orbit around.”

Pitt added that Black has “always talked about” converting her garage into a guesthouse or workspace, so he decided to make it happen for her in just three weeks.

“It’d be amazing if this could work as a guest house. It needs some storage elements that can be hidden. What she really needs more than anything is a makeup station,” the star said. “And a bathroom!”

“Your list is getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Jonathan exclaimed. “It’s amazing to me to see someone extremely successful grounded enough to always remember the people who helped him get there.”

Just three weeks later, the brothers had completely converted the space into the guesthouse Black had always dreamed of, complete with a “custom storage Murphy bed, a quartz countertop, kitchen space and a secret door that opens up to another storage area decorated with a blown-up photo of Black’s parents.” When Pitt saw the photo of Black’s parents, he immediately became emotional.

“Oh, no she’s going to lose it. Her father passed when she was very young and then her mother when she was a young lady. Oh, that’s going to get her,” he said.

“I’m the guy who’s going to cry on television,” Pitt added, clearly trying to hold back tears. “I can’t take it all in just yet.”

When Black finally arrived home, she could not believe her eyes!

“It’s gorgeous. Wow, this is friggin’ diggin. Amazing! This is insane,” she said. “I can’t even really put it into words right now. It was like a dream.”

“There’s my mom and dad!” Black cried. “Oh my gosh, I feel like a real makeup artist now.”

It’s so nice to see this kind side of Pitt. Clearly, he doesn’t just play heroes onscreen, as he’s a hero in real life as well!


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