William Says Harry’s Disrespecting the Queen and Monarchy; Harry Says William’s Disrespecting Meghan

Palace insiders say the relationship between the two has never been worse and will likely never be repaired.

I know it’s hard to believe, but before Meghan rolled into town, Harry and William were very close brothers. Now, they’re not even cordial. The rift between the two boys is irreparable, according to many close to the situation. Tensions reached a fever pitch when Meghan arrived back in the U.K. to fulfill her final royal duties. The entire trip was a disaster from start to finish.

Here’s some quick background on what took place: Meghan was asked not to overshadow the other royals who were promoting their charities. She promised to stay “low-key,” but then reneged on her promise by releasing “surprise” PR photos that the press went wild over. She overshadowed everyone and Buckingham Palace was angry.

After that, Meghan outshined Harry during a gala to celebrate his military service —it would be the last time he’d ever wear his military uniform again— and Meghan turned it into a “Hollywood red carpet”-type event with a gown that rivaled Hollywood A-listers. Harry got left in his wife’s dust yet again.

And then there was the behind-the-scenes drama that divas Harry and Meghan pulled at their final official “royal commitment.”

They pitched a fit when they were not invited to “walk” with the high-ranking royals during a Commonwealth Service. Things got so heated and dicey that William and Kate bowed out of the walk as well, in hopes of avoiding a PR nightmare from Meghan and Harry.

It all ended horribly, as William and Kate snubbed Harry and Meghan in a very frosty and awkward exchange caught on video. Meghan has since returned home and, upon her arrival, trashed-talked the royals, calling them “weird” and saying Kate Middleton (William’s wife) was “uptight.”

Harry has also reportedly returned home from the U.K., just a few days after Meghan. Now, Harry is calling William “overbearing” and “rude” when it comes to Meghan, and William is calling Harry disrespectful to the Monarchy and the Queen with his behavior.

Palace insiders say the relationship between the two has never been worse and will likely never be repaired. However, according to the report, the rift between the two brothers goes even deeper than “Meghan.”

And if there was any lingering confusion over how just Harry and his brother William were getting on, their awkward greeting in front of the television cameras at the Abbey said it all. From Harry, there was just a brief, tight-lipped smile.

Those close to the brothers say things between them are worse than ever. William is said to feel insulted by his brother’s recent comments, including the stream of remarks on Harry and Meghan’s Sussex Royal website, which many have taken as implied criticisms of the Royal Family. William feels his brother has ‘disrespected’ the institution of the monarchy and – most woundingly of all – their grandmother the Queen.

Harry, too, is profoundly unhappy, believing he has been cut adrift by his own relatives, convinced that his wife was not made sufficiently welcome, and feeling that his own work has been seen as less important than that of his elder brother. Harry is even said to believe that his infant son Archie has been abandoned by The Firm.

It seems that whatever has gone wrong between the brothers is likely to dog their relationship for some time to come.

Outspoken, ambitious and apparently determined to have her own way, it might seem easy to blame Meghan for the disintegration of Harry’s bond with William. Yet the truth is both more complicated and much closer to home. For the brothers, once as close as it was possible to be, have been drifting apart since Harry’s Army career was brought to a premature close. And, on Harry’s part at least, the anger has been mounting. [Daily Mail]

It seems that Harry could never really find his way back into “royal life” after he left the military and he felt like a third wheel to his brother, who would one day be king.

Sounds like there may have been some big egos at work between the brothers—and Harry was likely ripe for the picking for an opportunistic manipulator like Meghan.

This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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