WATCH: British Journalist Tanks Meghan’s Image Even Further by Labeling Her ‘Trailer Trash’

Meghan's gonna have a hard time bouncing back from this one

The British are clearly not a big fan of Meghan Markle

From the start of her marriage to Prince Harry, many Brits have labeled Meghan as a strange outsider to the Royal family and several British papers published stories essentially saying “good riddance” to Markle when she and Harry abandoned their royal duties.

“Harry has selfishly turned his back on the institution she [the queen] has fought to modernise and secure for him and his children,” Rachael Bletchly wrote.

“And he didn’t even have the guts or decency to tell her, or his own father, of the bombshell he was about to drop in their laps.”

“Well, good riddance,” Bletchly added. “I for one have had a bellyful of Harry’s eco-warrior hypocrisy.

“The tragedy is he was once the most loved of the modern royals — from the moment he walked behind his mother’s coffin our hearts ached for him. Then he met Meghan. But boy, she changed our Harry.” [Irish Times]

And the attacks have only gotten worse since.

British journalist Victoria Mather issued a scathing rebuke on MSNBC to Meghan, claiming that many people think Meghan is only “five steps up from trailer trash.”

Watch the video:


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