Wildest Bar Fight of All Time: Pool Cues, Balls and Chairs Spill out Into Streets

Grown men shouldn't act and behave in this manner.

Past a certain age, the enjoyment of a fight is a thing of the past and us geezers just want to end it… Quickly.

Older men have more to live for – wife, children, grandchildren, and a nice home they worked hard for. So, it’s somewhat puzzling to see an entire bar filled with “mature guys” get involved in a violent melee. Truthfully, nothing good can come from this behavior and incidents like this can have lasting effects.

Maybe things are different “down under,” because that’s where all hell broke loose inside the “Lighthouse Hotel” bar in Tasmania, Australia, last month.

A wild “pub brawl” turned the entire place into a WWE free-for-all – the fight was so intense, it even spilled outside and everything was caught on closed-circuit TV.  See the video below.

Video footage of a violent brawl at a Coastal pub recently is going viral.

The melee is believed to have occurred at the Lighthouse Hotel in Ulverstone on Friday, January 17.
Footage of the fight, which shows at least ten men brawling for about five minutes in two separate locations at the pub, was being widely circulated on social media on Thursday.

From the footage, it is unclear what started the fight but it quickly escalated after one man punches another man, to a violent melee involving many of the pub’s patrons.

Chairs, tables, drinks and glasses, pool cues and pool balls were all used as weaponry in the brawl and at least two men appeared to be knocked unconscious throughout the footage.

Towards the end of the video, a man who appears to be an employee begins attempting to retrieve some of the furniture from the hands of the brawlers. [The Advocate]

You can watch the video below:

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