VIDEO: Chinese Woman Head-Locked After Purposely Coughing on Flight Attendant

There's always that one person ...

According to the New York Post, a Chinese woman was taken from a flight after she purposely coughed on a flight attendant. Crew members aboard a Thai Airways plane tackled this woman and put her in a headlock after she acted out over having been delayed due to coronavirus screening.

Via the video below, reports claim a staff member can be heard saying in Thai, “come here, help me put her down,” before telling his colleague to “get handcuffs.” A passenger who claimed to have been aboard the four-hour flight uploaded the footage on YouTube.

The Chinese woman became irate that the plane was being held up for up to 10 hours after landing at the Shanghai Pudong Airport on Friday, according to Newsflare.

Fellow passengers on the flight from Bangkok said that after several hours cooped up inside the plane, the woman demanded to be let out.

But when told she’d have to wait, she began flailing her arms and coughed on a crew member, prompting colleagues to tackle her.

One male crew member put her in a headlock and yelled to the others: “Come here! Help me put her down!” [New York Post]

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