‘Quarantine Dance off’ Challenge Has Social Media Users Recording Dance Routines During Social Distancing

The latest "coronavirus challenge" to hit the internet is one that we can actually get behind

Some are challenging their friends to push-ups others to chugging alcohol — and then there’s these people…

Tiffany Bierly and Ana Puzycki, of the Seattle-based art making duo Tiffana choreographed slow-mo routine to “Beer, Beer, Beer” by The Clancy Brothers.

Ana, 24, said, “We work together and we live together, now we’re quarantined together…we’re always together anyway. Luckily we like each other.

“Dance has been keeping us sane and grounded through the social distancing.

“The arts are so important, especially during times like this.”

The friends are planning to make a lot more dance routines while they are isolated at home.

“It’s the perfect time to get creative,” said Ana.

Julie Vu, a 27-year-old social media influencer, was also going stir crazy in her home in Vancouver, Canada when her best friend suggested they dance themselves happy – in hazmat suits. How fitting for the times…

“We’re all locked up in our homes going a bit mad, so my friend said, ‘let’s go to a remote area of the park and dance it out.’

“It was a beautiful day so we went to a quiet corner of Stanley Park.

“We got the suits from Home Hardware, they’re actually for painting, they’re not the real hazmat suits, but they did the job.

“Dancing is a passion of mine, usually I take classes three or four times a week, but now I’m taking live online dance tutorials instead.

“It’s a great way to stay positive in these crazy times.”


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