Man Locks Wife in Bathroom After Suspecting She Has the Coronavirus

Gotta do what you gotta do — right?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which even if you were there’s no way you haven’t heard about the “pandemic” that has taken over every inch of the earth — Coronavirus.

People are absolutely terrified of catching the latest strain of the flu which apparently causes them to make some questionable decisions.

For instance: A Lithuanian man decided locking his wife in the bathroom sounded better than getting the Coronavirus.

Without being positive, the man locked his wife in the bathroom against her will.

The suspicion came after his wife told him that she had met a Chinese woman who’d recently traveled to Italy, which has recently been quarantined  due to COVID-19.

Don’t worry, he took it upon himself to consult with several doctors before shoving “patient zero” into the bathroom where she proceeded to call the police.

Get this: when the police arrived they let her out of the bathroom, but they still tested her for Coronavirus.  As it turns out, she didn’t have it.

We bet the husband probably wishes he had the virus after finding that out.  The woman decided not to press charges against her husband because his actions would’ve probably been seen as justified.

Things will not end well here.


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