Man Drives Car Off a Bridge Just 10 Minutes After Being Issued His Drivers License

Maybe the passenger told the driver they had coronavirus or something.

Maybe this guy shouldn’t have been issued a driver’s license after all?

A young man went careening off a bridge just 10 minutes after receiving his driver’s license.

The incident happened in China when a man was texting friends to tell them he just got his license when he went flying off a bridge into the water.

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According to Fox News, “A newly licensed driver in China drove his car into a river just 10 minutes after passing his exam. Mr. Zhang veered off of a very narrow bridge with no guardrails in the city of Zunyi as he was texting with friends who were congratulating him for getting his license, The Sun reported.”

The continued, “‘While I was driving, I tried to grab my phone and read some messages while two people were in front of me on the bridge,’ Zhang said. ‘I became nervous and turned left suddenly.’ Fortunately, the compact sedan stayed afloat long enough for Zhang to be rescued. It was later lifted from the water by a crane.”

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It went on to say, “Zhang didn’t say what, if any, violations he was issued. The punishment for texting while driving is the equivalent of a $25 fine and two license points in China.”

I’m surprised China didn’t throw him in a work camp for 40 years.

Also, should he be out driving around, spreading Coronavirus like this? 😉

Watch these other horrible drivers:

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