Couple Gets Drive-By Gender Reveal When Coronavirus Concerns Forced Cancellation

Covid-19 is forcing everyone to get a little more creative

Dustin and Jennifer Sanders were excited to celebrate their pregnancy with family and friends at their gender reveal party, but just like it has for a lot of us COVID-19 squashed their plans so the Arkansas pastors decided it was best to cancel the big event.

Originally they had planned to have a large gender reveal party at their church, where the couple serves as pastors. But when the governor said no large gatherings they decided to cancel.

As it turns out they have some pretty awesome friends that went above and beyond to give them a gender reveal parade — okay it was more like a drive by, but still.

Their friends drove by toting pink streamers, hats and confetti showering them with love on Saturday after they discovered they would be having a baby girl.

Sanders posted a video of the parade to Facebook and Twitter, and watched it amass over 25,000 retweets by Sunday afternoon and is now unavailable. It said:

“YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!! We decided not to do a gender reveal because of COVID-19. After the live video we got a call from Mrs. Charlotte Edwards asking us to step outside. Some of our incredible church family … can’t even put into words. Love you all!!”


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