Busch Offers 3 Months of Free Beer to First 500 People to Adopt a Dog During Pandemic

Your excuse for not having time for a dog won't work — thanks to COVID-19

Not sure how it’s going for you, but life is Ruff right now … so to make things interesting, Busch has announced it will give three months’ supply of its beer to the first 500 people who adopt or foster a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue in Minnesota.

This will solve all of your problems regarding your boring quarantine — so what better time to get a dog?!

The announcement comes after numerous shelters across the US have decided to close their doors to the public and started to cancel adoption events in order to slow down COVID-19.

The worst part about all of this is pets are still being abandoned and shelters are filling up and are trying to get animals placed as quickly as possible.

It’s genius if you think about it… you thought you didn’t have time for a dog? Turns out you have a ton of time now…

Busch Beer teamed up with the Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and created the “Foster a Dog, Get Busch” offer.

According to a spokesperson for Busch, “During these uncertain and lonelier times, people need an escape: cue the cute puppy memes and photos. But as much as we need those cute puppy pics to help get us through social distancing, it’s actually them who need us. Social distancing is better with a furry friend by your side and a cold beer in your hand.”

To enter, you just need to foster or adopt a dog directly through the Midwest Animal Rescue. SUPER EASY!

After you’ve completed the application process, you will then receive a confirmation email from the animal shelter, then you send that email to Busch on Facebook Twitter, or Instagram by April 25th through a direct message!

If you are one of the first 500 people to enter you’ll get a prepaid debit card of $100 in which you can then use to buy your three months’ worth of beer — or your new dog some chew toys!


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