Bill Clinton Admits in New Hulu Documentary He Had ‘Oral Sex’ with Lewinsky to ‘Manage Job Stress’

Wow, nice, Bill! That must make Monica feel like a million bucks

Bill Clinton is finally spilling the beans on the affair that he had with his then 20-something-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton, who was impeached shortly after the affair became public (for lying to Congress among other things), sat down for a Hulu documentary piece on the Clintons (as if we need to know more about these people) that will air Friday.

During the documentary Bill comes clean about the affair he had with Lewinsky, stating he engaged in “oral sex” with her to relieve the stress of the job.

Wow, nice, that must make her feel like a million bucks!

I mean, at the very least he couldn’t have said something like, “I was enchanted by this young, lovely woman and lost control.”

According to the Daily Mail, “Bill Clinton claims that his affair with Monica Lewinsky was one of the ‘things I did to manage my anxieties’.”

The article continued, “The former President suggests, in an explosive documentary seen by DailyMailTV, that he had the fling with the ex-White House intern while he was in office because it helped with his own issues. Bill reveals that at the time he met Lewinsky the pressure of the job made him feel like a boxer who had done 30 rounds and he looked at Lewinsky as ‘something that will take your mind off it for a while’.”

Daily Mail went on to say, “He makes the claims in an interview featured in the new documentary series that will air on Hulu about his wife Hillary Clinton, called ‘Hillary’, where the former First Lady and Secretary of State candidly reveals that in the aftermath of the scandal the couple underwent ‘painful’ marriage counseling.”

Oh, I’m sure Hillary made that counseling very, very painful.

Bill goes on to say that he feels bad that the affair has “defined” who Monica is.

But then he ruined his lame apology by saying that at some point when things don’t return to normal “you’ve got to decide how to define normal,” suggesting the infamous former intern should just move on.

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