Alex Trebek Donates $100k to Homeless Shelter in LA

The host's battle with pancreatic cancer isn't slowing him down in the slightest

Alex’s contribution will go a long way toward hot meals, transportation, on-site medical service. We’re told Alex didn’t earmark the donation for anything specific … he just wanted to help fight the homeless battle.

TMZ reported that the founder and CEO of the organization, Ken Craft wound up giving Trebek a tour of the new shelter being built in North Hollywood which will house nearly 85 beds, bathrooms, laundry room and a commissary.

He said, after the visit Trebek invited him to his home to discuss the shelter’s financial details further. Ken says it was in that meeting when Alex slipped an envelope and said, “I hope this helps a little bit.” It was a check for $100k. Naturally, Ken teared up.

Craft says the organization will be naming a part of its new shelter after Trebek and his wife Jean.


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